Satellite Clubs

What is a Satellite Club?

Satellite clubs began as a Rotary International Pilot Program three years ago. The Rotary Club of Boulder was the first to create a satellite club, and it was so successful that Rotary leadership agreed to allow other Rotary Clubs the same opportunity.

A satellite club meets at an alternate time and location – typically chosen to appeal to young professionals who may not be able to take time during the work day for Rotary meetings. The satellite club members are full Rotarians, inducted into the sponsoring club. However, the alternate times and potentially lower dues allows more young professionals and others to join Rotary.

Both meeting times are considered your club’s meeting times, and members are welcome to attend either anytime. Some clubs also hold a "co-meeting" once a month during happy hour when all members of both groups are invited to mingle and meet. The satellite club may take on some of their own projects in addition to supporting the main club through committee membership, service, etc.

How do we get started?

Like most Rotary projects, the most important thing to set up a satellite like this is a champion who can spearhead the creation of the satellite. They will recruit others, decide on meeting times, and get the meetings going.

Can this really work?

Absolutely! A satellite to your Rotary Clubs does not in any way alter or go against your charter or by-laws, it simply creates an opportunity for young professionals with less flexible work schedules to be active members of your club.

How do dues work?

It is up to the sponsoring club how they would like to treat dues for the satellite club. In some satellite clubs, the satellite members fundraise to pay their district and RI dues, but some clubs have excused their satellite members from paying club dues – as the majority of that money goes to pay for meals these young professionals are not eating. The dues structure is entirely up to each club, but this is a way to lower the cost barrier for entry into Rotary.

Satellite Clubs Downloads

  • Satellite Club - Application (fillable) Satellite Club - Application (fillable) (107 KB)
  • Satellite Club - Member Information Form (fillable) Satellite Club - Member Information Form (fillable) (86 KB)
  • Satellite Clubs - Club Constitution including a Satellite Club Satellite Clubs - Club Constitution including a Satellite Club (65 KB)
  • Satellite Clubs - Frequently Asked Questions Satellite Clubs - Frequently Asked Questions (207 KB)